Validator Boost List (VBL)

Any node can apply to join the Validator Boost List. The main sign of establishing a cooperation is that the node is added to the Validator Boost List. Therefore, the cooperation process is also based on the steps below:

1. The node supplier establishes preliminary contact with Bifrost community

Node providers can initiate topics in the Bifrost community to communicate and understand the operational process and relevant cooperation points of the SLP agreement. Furthermore, make a preliminary assessment of the possible angles of cooperation between both parties.

2. Node providers initiate discussion on off-chain proposals

Based on the desired goals and cooperation angles that can be provided and achieved by the node providers, they will post in relevant channels ( for proposal discussion.

3. Node providers launch referendum proposals on-chain

Under the condition that the offline discussion is sufficient and the feedback is good, the node operators can initiate a referendum proposal on the Bifrost network to decide whether the cooperation proposal will be implemented. After logging in to the corresponding network of Bifrost through Polkadot.js, the proposer can submit a proposal image in the referendum interface.

Please check details on OpenGov ValidatorElection Track.

4. Referendum vote

There will be a 7-day voting period and a 2-day execution period after the referendum is entered into the voting based on the governance process on the Bifrost chain. If the referendum passes, cooperation is established. If the referendum fails, the cooperation cannot move forward.

5. Bifrost community contributors execute collaborative content

Based on the content of the proposal, community contributors will continue to promote the implementation of relevant items and add the corresponding nodes to the Validator Boost List.

6. Periodic review

The community contributors will regularly evaluate the implementation and execution of cooperation points throughout the cooperation process, as well as the performance of cooperation nodes in terms of revenue and performance. If problems are found during the period, they will communicate with the node providers and promote the solution of the problems. If the cooperation is no longer suitable to continue, contributors can initiate a referendum to terminate the relevant cooperation and remove the corresponding nodes from the Validator Boost List.

Here is Validator Boost List (VBL) Proposal Template

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