As a fully decentralized liquid staking derivative, vToken has a broad space for application development. The following content provides innovative ideas for vToken application cases. If you have more noval ideas, please contact our community administrators in the Bifrost Discord channel, and we will include your ideas.


⭐️ = Focused incubation project


DeFi products include lending, trading, derivatives, payments, etc., aimed at rebuilding the traditional financial system, realizing open, fair, and transparent financial services, breaking the limitations of traditional financial services, and constructing DeFi applications based on Bifrost LSD vToken, which can be deployed in any decentralized form in any ecosystem that supports vToken, such as various native Pallets or EVM-compatible parachains, such as Moonbeam, Astar, or vToken of other asset types through cross-chain bridges, such as the ERC20 version of vToken on Ethereum.

  • ⭐️ vToken Launchpad, project parties can participate through LSD Staking Rewards or LSD financing.

  • ⭐️ Leverage Staking, cyclic lending of vToken for leveraged staking.

  • ⭐️ vToken Index, weaving different types of vToken into an LSD index, such as weaving the Dotsama ecological vToken into a parachain LSD index.

  • ⭐️ vToken Dedicated DEX, a swap developed specifically for vToken features, with functions such as anchor movement and liquidity aggregation.

  • vToken options market, calculating more intuitive yields based on vToken expiration time and discount rate.

  • vToken yield aggregator, providing vToken yield strategies, machine pools.

  • vToken mortgage lending native stablecoin, stablecoin can purchase vToken from the system/treasury based on market prices to maintain price stability through arbitrage. Since vToken itself is interest-bearing, users do not need to pay additional borrowing costs, and the interest generated by vToken empowers stablecoin deposit income.

  • vToken fixed-rate lending agreement, completed using vToken Staking Rewards

    • Business Models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • Fees for trading, issuance, and lending

      • Market arbitrage


Decentralized games around vToken, such as Axie Infinity, Gods Unchained, and Cryptokitties. These games encourage players to buy, trade, sell, and rent collectible digital assets such as pets, cards, and other props. Players can use these assets in the game or monetize them to generate income. Due to the characteristic of vToken itself with Staking Rewards, new gameplay can be brought to the game based on this feature.

  • ⭐️ LSD Staking Rewards Betting, users participate in prize games without losing their principal.

  • ⭐️ vToken Staking Rewards Pool, LSD's PoolTogether, the winner obtains all Staking Rewards generated by LSD in the prize pool.

  • ⭐️ vToken exchange rate market prediction, predicting the specific value of the next vToken exchange rate adjustment to obtain rewards.

  • vToken equipment gemstone, embedding vToken into equipment to enhance equipment attributes

  • Collecting and mortgaging more vToken as a collective combat goal in the game.

  • Daily tasks in the game set some basic operations of vToken.

  • vToken Staking Rewards in derivative scenarios in the game.

  • Use vToken in the economic system of the game to purchase equipment, props, etc.

  • Support vToken minting and redemption in the game, providing convenience for users to participate in Staking.

    • Business models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • Sale or distribution of items

      • Betting fee - NFT


Unlike traditional tokens, NFTs are non-fungible, with each token being unique and representing a specific asset. Due to their non-fungible and scarcity, NFTs have great potential in areas such as games, collectibles, and art transactions. Combining NFT with vToken with Staking income makes digital assets more specific and practical, and provides new revenue streams for creators and collectors.

  • ⭐️ Lock vToken for minting NFT, such as NFT can redeem tokens after n years.

  • NFT sold through vToken.

  • Obtain NFT whitelist based on vToken holdings (NFT is issued or airdropped to Staking large accounts).

    • Business models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • Sale or distribution of NFT

      • IP brand


DID can provide users with verifiable, controllable, and persistent digital identities without relying on any centralized registration institution. DID makes digital identities more secure, reliable, and easy to use, and provides users with new ways of managing digital identities. vToken holding data can be used as an effective source of labeling users' loyalty, activity, and asset size in Staking on the chain.

  • ⭐️ Quantify the loyalty of each project community member based on vToken holdings (users who indirectly participate in Staking through vToken).

  • vToken is locked again as veToken, obtains a share of protocol revenue other than Staking income, and increases governance rights by extending the lock-up time.

  • Label user DID based on vToken holdings and holding time.

  • vToken as Staking on-chain data proof

    • Business models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • On-chain data SaaS

      • Identity fee

      • Advertise


DAO is an organization without central control, and all participants can participate in the decision-making and operation of DAO for autonomous management. Usually, DAO will have a joint treasury managed by all participants for daily operations such as operation, investment, incubation, and funding. vToken can be used as the main reserve in the DAO treasury, realizing that Staking Rewards is a continuous source of income for the DAO treasury.

  • Use vToken for financing and investment in DAO, replacing the original Token with Staking through vToken.

  • vToken Validator governs DAO by participating in VET proposals to govern the election of multi-chain validators.

    • Business models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • Return on investment

      • DAO management fee


Privacy computing does not need to disclose input data and calculation results to computing service providers, thereby protecting user privacy. Using vToken in a privacy computing environment can achieve functions such as anonymous participation in Staking and earning Staking Rewards.

  • Trade, minting, and redeeming vToken in a privacy environment to achieve anonymous participation in Staking.

  • Use vToken anonymously to participate in original chain governance in a privacy environment.

    • Business models

      • Commission on vToken staking rewards

      • Privacy fee

Analytics & Integration

An analysis of vToken data reveals the relationship, patterns, and trends between different vToken yield rates, community users, and activity levels, providing users with data analysis to help them make better decisions. Developers integrate vToken into Dapps, providing Staking Rewards to users and guiding vToken use in more scenarios.

  • Ideas

    • ⭐️ Analyze vToken holding addresses, yield rate statistics, rankings, Staking activity levels of different community users, and calculate the best yield rate path for vToken.

    • ⭐️ Provide a vToken Dapp leaderboard to guide users and analyze vToken usage, activity levels, and yield rates in various Dapps.

    • ⭐️ Provide vToken forging channel rebates by joining the vToken rebate list through governance and attracting vToken forging profits.

    • ⭐️ Wallet supports vToken forging, and users can receive vToken Commission rebates (by initiating a vToken rebate proposal to add themselves to the rebate list).

    • vToken Yield Pool leaderboard to guide users.

    • Fiat supports vToken deposits and withdrawals.

    • Custodians support vToken forging, redemption, and transfer functions.

  • Business Models

    • Data service fees

    • SaaS

    • Advertising

Developers & Tools

vToken has standardized interfaces, and developers only need to access the vToken interface once to indirectly support Staking functions on multiple blockchains. They can also develop SDKs, scripts, UIs, clients, and monitoring functions around vToken.

  • Ideas

    • ⭐️ Oracle specifically designed for vToken to provide price, node rating, and other data inputs.

    • ⭐️ Provide customized UI for vToken functions, such as iOS, Android, or desktop clients.

    • Develop new vTokens.

    • Develop and integrate vToken-related SDKs.

    • Develop vToken-related script tools.

    • Monitor vToken running status.

    • Automate vToken operations such as forging and redemption when conditions are met.

  • Business Models

    • Commission on vToken Staking rewards

    • Usage fees


Introducing LSD to help blockchain improve consensus security, reduce staking thresholds, and increase capital utilization, using standardized vToken as a carrier to promote the wider adoption of LSD.

  • Ideas

    • ⭐️ Host a hackathon around vToken.

    • Host vToken Workshop.

    • Organize technical sharing on vToken integration and applications, such as in universities or various conferences.

    • Organize vToken Builders incubator.

    • vToken Staking Rewards as event tickets.

    • Any scene that uses vToken for settlement (such as Bug bounty).

  • Business Models

    • Commission earned through vToken Staking rewards

    • Project incubation

    • Advertising

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