Back to Asgard (BTA)

Back to Asgard - NFT Project, Roadmap & Website

Back to Asgard is the first-ever NFT collection presented by Bifrost, in partnership with SFY and RMRK. The 500 unique NFTs collection will be a one-off product launched by Bifrost to connect the DeFi ecosystem and the NFT dynamics as never seen before.

The collection features the latest RMRK innovation in terms of NFT composability and gives the chance to holders of equipping their NFTs with several gears, increasing their value and rarity exponentially. Holders of Odin, Thor and Loki will have the chance to access exclusive off-chain benefits and on-chain advantages while operating in DeFi, on the Bifrost dApp.

Over the past months, Bifrost hosted various initiatives rewarding the most active users within the Bifrost ecosystem with a series of Whitelist Spots, which carried with them the possibility to get an early access and mint the collection in early access.

The most participated of these event, the Rainbow Boost Series, gave away more than 400 WL spots, leaving only a few dozen spots available, that will be assigned over the next months.

Once the WL phase has ended, an early round of sale will be announced. This first round, opened only to the WL holders, will last for 7 days prior to the opening of the public sale. If purchased, these NFTs can be held to benefit the on-chain advantages or can be traded on RMRK-based marketplaces such as Singular or KodaDot.


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