How to participate in crowdloan


  1. Enter and click"vCrowdloan" under "Explore more" in the main navigation menu on the left

  1. View the current crowdloan list that can be contributed, select the one you need to contribute and click the "Contribute" button on the right side of the list

  1. Enter the number of tokens you want to contribute and click the "Confirm" button to confirm the transaction and complete the signature

  1. You will get the same amount of vsToken and vsBond than you contributed.

Ex: For 10 contributed DOT you will receive 10 vsDOT + 10 vsBond, and the base rewards defined by the crowdloan definition

  1. After the contriution, you can check your vsBond by click on "My contribution" button in the vcrowdloan page

  1. On the "My SALP" page, you will be displayed your free vsDOT and vsBond

  1. Click on vsBond to display your vsBond and the relevant information about it like the redemption time

The status of your vsBond is an important information. Check when the redeem opens of if your vsBond are Expired.

  1. You can also verify your DOT Bond in the Bifrost wallet at the DOT Bond line. Just click on the line to open it

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