How to redeem KSM/DOT


When your vsBond reaches the redeemable time point, you can unstake the same amount of tokens with the same amount of vsTokens.

When contributing you receive: 1 DOT = 1 vsDOT + 1 vsBond

When redeeming, you need to bring vsTokens in same quantity: 1 vsDOT + 1 vsBond = 1 DOT

  1. Enter and click"vCrowdloan" under "Explore more" in the main navigation menu on the left

  1. In the vCrowdloan page, click on the "Unstake" button at the top

  1. Select the item corresponding to your currently redeemable vsBond

  • Redeemable crowdloans are indicated with the green "Unlocked" logo. They are non winning crowdloans or crowdloans that have reached the redeem end point.

  • Non redeemable crowdloans are indicated with the grey "Locked" logo. They are winning crowdloans that didn't reach their redeem end point yet.

  1. Enter the amount of vsToken you want to unstake

Only paired DOT Bond can be unstaked.

You need to have the same quantity of vsDOT and vsBond available in your wallet (check your Bifrost wallet in the DOT Bond line).

  1. Select "Normal mode" below to redeem DOT, or "Staking mode" to redeem vDOT in a single transaction

  2. Click the "Unstake" or "Re-stake" button depending on the chosen mode to confirm the transaction and complete the signature. DOT or vDOT are sent to your Bifrost wallet once transaction is confirmed.

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