Transfer Guide

Transfer feature is to send a token on Bifrost-Polkadot or Bifrost-Kusama into another Bifrost account on the same network.

It can be used to:

  • Withdraw BNC on exchanges, and only BNC (double check the address & network on CEX): BNC is the name of the Bifrost-Kusama network, and BNC-POLKADOT or BNC-DOT the name of the Bifrost-Polkadot network on CEX.

  • Send tokens on another Bifrost account (yours, a friend)

It doesn't have to be used to:

  • Cross-chain any tokens on other chains or exchanges

  1. Enter and click "Wallet" on the left main navigation to enter the wallet page

  1. Click on the "Transfer" button on the right side of the token that needs to be transferred in the list

  1. Enter the amount you want to transfer

  2. Enter the receiving address of the transfer (in order to avoid asset loss, it must be an appropriate and formatted address), you can also quickly select it from the local address that appears after clicking the input box. The addresses you see on your Bifrost wallet addresses. Safe mode is always active by default.

  1. If you want to transfer tokens to a non-local address, in some cases it will prevent you from transferring money by default for security reasons. At this time, if you still need to complete the transfer, you can turn off the safe mode, switch below, carefully read and check the second confirmation content

Review the Safe mode warning

Validate the checkbox if you understand what you are doing

  1. Click on the "Confirm" button and complete the signature

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