Hardware Requirements

System: Ubuntu 20.04

  • CPU - 4 core (3.2GHZ above)

  • Memory - 16GB

  • Storage - 200GB SSD

  • Bandwidth - 10 Mbps above

Tip: CPU frequency lower than 3.2GHZ may affect the normal block generation of collator. Storage recommendation is using an SSD that supports the NVMe protocol.

Operating System

Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

(Bifrost binary can only run on Ubuntu 22.04, you can use docker when you have other linux system. )

Operating Procedures

Operation Cycle

The Collator system has its own running cycle, 600 blocks in a round, each round takes about 2 hours, and the cycle is related to the operations of reward settlement, addition, and unbonding.


Leave Candidate Pool

84 rounds (168 hours)

Remove Nominations

84 rounds (168 hours)

Reward distribution (after the current round)

2 rounds (4 hour)

Basic Parameters


  • Collator: Collator runs a full node on Bifrost parachain and Kusama relay-chain, and produce the state transition proof for relay chain validators.

  • Active set: A set of Collators who can receive commission by producing blocks, choosen by the ranking of delegating amount.

  • Candidates: Collators who are out of the active set.

  • Collator self bond: Self-bond as a minimum BNC to be a Collator, continue self-bond same as delegating.

  • Delegator: Bifrost token holders who stake tokens, vouching for specific collator candidates on the parachain.

  • Delegate: Bond BNC Token for Bifrost Collators, receiving delegating rewards depends on the rank of Collator and delegating amount.


  • Maximum number of active Collators and candidates

CollatorStage 0Stage 1Stage 2





Active Collator




  • Bonding parameters (Collator)

BNC Staking ConditionsQuantity

Candidate minimum bond (self bond)

5,000 BNC

Collator maximum bond (self bond)


Minimum Total Delegating Amount for Active Collator (Delegating)

5,000 BNC

  • Others


Collator exit

84 rounds

Maximum number of delegators


Add self bond

Effective immediately

Reduce self bond

84 rounds

Reward distribution

Collectors receive rewards for the first 2 rounds at the end of each round (600 blocks)


No Penalty, reward deduction if there is missing for effective block producing.


  • Bonding parameters (Delegator)

Delegating ConditionsQuantity

Minimum Delegating Amount

50 BNC

Maximum Delegating Quantity


  • Others


Minimum delegating value that can be rewarded

The top 300 Delegators of each Collator can get the reward, more than 300 Delegators do not count for the reward.

Maximum number to delegate Collators


Add Delegating

Effective immediately

Reduce Delegating

84 rounds

Revoke Delegating

84 rounds, no minimum revoke limit ((staking rewards continue to be received during unbonding period)

Reward automatic re-delegating

Not available yet

Collator incentive ratio

Total 800,000 BNC/YearProportion

Collator Commission




Reward Calculation

Bifrost network reserved 5% (4,000,000 BNC) of total issurance to incentivize Collator mechanism for 5 years (800,000 BNC/year), with no inflation. The reward for each Round is a fixed 180 BNC. The reward calculation method is as follows.

According to the incentive ratio, the reward for each block is:

Collator: 180/600*10% = 0.03 BNC

Delegator: 180/600*90% = 0.27 BNC

If a collector's total delegating amount is 100,000 BNC and it is in the 64 Active Collator set for the whole year, the average revenue of the Collator is:

Collating Reward: 800,000 x 10% / 64 = 1,250 BNC

Self-bond delegating Reward: 800,000 x 90% / 64 x 5,000/100,000 = 562.5 BNC

Total Revenue: 1,250 + 562.5 = 1,812.5 BNC

APR: 1,812.5/5,000 = 36.25%

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