Rainbow Boost

Rainbow Boost - Raindrops & Binding Roles

The Rainbow Boost Campaign saw Bifrost users engaged for several months.

Through the completion of certain on-chain tasks such as minting certain vTokens and farming them, users earned Raindrops.

Raindrops were part of a scoring system that ranked from the most active to the least active user addresses, allowing rankings and rewards in the form of:

  • WL Access to the NFT Back to Asgard collection

  • Token Airdrop

  • On-chain Advantages

By creating specific channels that could bring together the most active users who have collected the highest Raindrop score and those who have obtained a Whitelist spot for the Back to Asgard collection would allow Bifrost to be in touch with its most loyal users.

Furthermore, by combining the Discord ID with the Address, these users could have access to a number of initiatives such as preview access to certain products, special benefits obtainable by operating in DeFi, the minting of the NFT collection, and much more.

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