What to post in the WhitelistedCaller Track?

The WhitelistedCaller Track has same access with the root track, but it can be whitelisted by fellowship for acclerating. Hence, it is normally used for emergency requirements.

Check passed WhitelistedCaller Track proposals:

Guidance for WhitelistedCaller Proposing

  1. Contact Bifrost core contributors to discuss and validate the issue that should be involved in Whitelist.

  2. Post the discussion in subsquare to clarify the details of the issue.

  3. Check WhitelistedCaller Track parameters, submit the preimage then contact with Bifrost team, the fellowship member needs to whitelist the preimage in fellowship whitelisted proposal.

The WhitelistedCaller Proposal Construction:

  1. Add preimage under whitelist: dispatch_whitelisted_call_with_preimage.

  1. Use that preimage to submit the whitelisted proposal.

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