Proposal Guidelines


Bifrost is a decentralized blockchain system, and all parameters on the chain can be iterated or modified by the Root authority of the referendum. Therefore, BNC holders are the only actors participating in on-chain governance.

In order to simplify the governance process and improve efficiency, Bifrost has integrated the Polkadot Gov2 module, which divides the original single referendum track into multiple ones, and each track corresponds to a different pass rate or a specific pallet for processing different types of proposals.

Learn more about Polkadot OpenGov:

Proposal Guidelines

A proposal goes through the following rough steps from idea to implementation (some specific proposal might takes more complicated process, such as Whitelist proposal):

  1. Propose and discuss your idea on Bifrost Forum - Open Discussion (Bifrost-Polkadot or Bifrost-Kusama), maybe make adjustments based on what the community thinks of the proposal.

  2. Migrate your proposal to off-chain voting, wait several days to see the reaction from community.

  3. If your off-chain voting passed, you can create an on-chain preimage base on your proposal contents.

  4. Submit your proposal in the corresponding track.

  5. Wait for the result and enactment.

Open Discussion

Off-chain Voting

Off-chain voting process is to imitate the function of voting on the chain. Community users still need to connect their wallets and vote for BNC. Through Off-chain voting, you can test if your proposal can be agreed by the community.

Migrate your existing proposal to Off-chain channel

  1. Click Off-chain in Bifrost Subsquare

  1. Connect your Wallet and propose a new proposal by using your discussed proposal contents.

  1. Simulate on-chain voting and input key information.

    1. Input your proposal title and contents.

    2. System: Set the voting choices, “Single” or “Multiple” choices.

    3. Name your choices.

    4. Period: Set the voting period (at least 5 days recommended).

    5. Snapshot: set the block stamp, which block to start voting.

    6. Connect your wallet and publish.

Create preimage, submit proposal and on-chain voting

  1. Create preimage

    1. Go to Bifrost-Kusama or Bifrost Polkadot, select Governance and click preimage, add your preimage.

  1. Submit preimage

    1. Input your proposal parameters (it depends on what function and pallet you should call, please ensure this at the Discussion stage).

    2. Copy your preimage hash

    3. Submit preimage

  1. Double-check your preimage

    1. Find your preimage in the list

    2. Double-chain your preimage parameters

    3. You can copy the callhash again, just in case if you forgot in the previous step.

  1. Submit your proposal

    1. Go to referenda and click “Submit proposal”

    2. According to your proposal content, choose the appropriate Track. (For example, 10/Validator Election works for VBL proposals. If your proposal passes Off-chain voting, the Bifrost team will guide you to select the corresponding Track.)

    3. Submit proposal

  1. Vote and follow up your proposal status

    1. Once your proposal submitted, it is visible on the referenda page.

    2. BNC holders can vote to your proposal.

    3. Follow up with your proposal processing status, which will pass prepareing period, decision period, confirmation period and enactment period. To learn the concepts of these periods at here.

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