vToken Reward-share Program


The program's aim is to promote the cooperation with blockchain communities, ecosystem products, platforms and partners. This program will increase Bifrost’s exposure and vToken growth due to our key partners and their diverse user base and popularity. As a result, Bifrost's goal is to share a portion of its vToken reward with these respective partners to foster long-term strategic cooperation and stimulate the continuous growth and adoption of Bifrost’s services.

The Reward-Share Model

Through our vToken Reward-Share Program, You can become a Bifrost partner and generate more revenue attracting new users to Bifrost Liquid Staking.

Bifrost provides liquid staking services, and the protocol regularly collects commission from the staking rewards of all tokens as protocol revenue (See current rate details).

In the vToken Reward-Share Program, each registered channel can share the Bifrost Protocol Revenue according to a Partners amount of contribution and their channel’s reward rate.

The operational process of the vToken Reward-Share Program is as follows:

  1. Register as a Reward-share Channel Partner on the Bifrost Chain through Bifrost Gov. (Tutorial)

  2. Request an referral vToken minting page link from Bifrost Fellowship, or integrate the Reward-share channel directly into your dapp/product/solution frontend by following this information here such that minting can be marked and calculated by Bifrost.

  3. All minting completed through Step 2 will be taken account to "Effective Minting".

  4. The "Effective Minting" is the key indicator that determines the shared reward a partner receives.

Here is an example below:


Let’s assume some conditions first:

vTokenTotal Effective Minting on BifrostChannel A’s Effective MintingDOT Staking APYProtocol Reward RateChannel A’s Reward Rate


10,000,000 DOT

3,000,000 DOT




The calculation of Channel A’s shared-reward:

10,000,000*12%*10% = 120,000 DOT :: The annualrevenueof Bifrost Protocol.

3,000,000/10,000,000 = 30% :: The percentage of Channel A’s effective minting taken account on Bifrost Total effective minting.

120,000*30%*20% = 7,200 DOT :: Channel A’s final annual shared reward.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All channels must be onboarded by the Bifrost Fellowship/OpenGov.

  2. All reward-share channel request proposal needs to clearly illustrate their reason, motivation and objectives. (check more details in the section “Become a Bifrost partner and start generating revenue”)

  3. Shared reward are calculated and distributed on every 7,200 block basis, roughly 24 hours in real time, they need to be self-claimed on chain (check details in the section “How to join this program?”).

  4. The vToken Reward-Share Program does not have any timeframe, all registered channels have no time limitation.

  5. Bifrost Fellowship or Referendum can stop, pause and resume a channel with a clear reason, via OpenGov.

  6. If there is a need to modify the shared reward rate, vToken Reward-Share Program Partners need to submit a proposal in the Bifrost Forum and explain their reasons for doing so.

  7. If there is a need to change the shared reward address, Partners need to submit a proposal on the Bifrost Forum and explain their reason for this change.

  8. If there is a need to suspend the shared reward, Partners need to adjust the commission rate to 0%, submit a proposal on the Bifrost Forum and explain their reason.

  9. If there is a need to exit the channel, Partners need to remove their current channel id, submit a proposal in the Bifrost Forum, and make sure their proposal is initiated by the shared reward receiver account.

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