As seen in the previous section, vDOT & vKSM holders can vote on OpenGov using their favorite LSTs.

How to vote with LSTs

  1. On the vDOT staking page, switch to the "Governance" tab.

    You will have an overview of all active referenda and how much time left before the deciding period ends. If you scroll down you will also see all the ended referenda with their status (Executed, TimedOut, Rejected)

  1. Click on the referendum you want to vote for, it opens the referendum description.

You can have access to the full proposal and comments by clicking on the Subsquare link.

  1. Select to vote Aye or Nay by switching the button, input the amount of vDOT you want to commit and select the conviction (lock duration).

Conviction is the same than on the relay chain with Bifrost LSTs as detailed in the LST Voting principles.

For instance, voting 10 vDOT at 3x conviction will result in more than 37 equivalent DOT based on vDOT minting ratio

  1. Click on "Vote" and sign to confirm. Your vote will be reflected in the follow up section

You can go back to the main Governance menu and switch from "Referenda" to "My vote" to display the history of your different OpenGov votes

At any time you can check how many vDOT you have locked in Governance checking the "My Gov lock" information.

NB: vDOT locked in Governance cannot be used in Defi (farming) nor cross-chained to other parachains

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