On-chain Identity


All Bifrost proposal posters are required to publicly disclose their on-chain identity by registering through default fields such as legal name, display name, website, Twitter handle, Riot handle, etc.

The overall process takes 3 steps:

  1. Identity Registration

  2. Request Verification

  3. Providing Judgement

Identity Registration

Autonomous identity register is required on both Bifrost Polkadot & Bifrost Kusama at the first step

  1. Go to polkadot.js, choose Bifrost parachain.

  2. The easiest way to add the built-in fields is to click the three vertical dots next to your account and select "Set on-chain identity".

  1. A popup will appear, offering the default fields. Use the toggle to fill in any fields you wish.

  1. Click "Set Identity" to finish the process.

Request Verificaiton

Option 1: Request varification judgement on chain

To be judged after submitting your identity information, go to the Extrinsics tab in the Polkadot-JS UI (Make sure you choose the right network) and select the identity pallet, then requestJudgement.

For the reg_index put the index of the registrar you want to be judged by, and for the max_fee put the maximum you're willing to pay for these confirmations.

If you don't know which registrar to pick, first check the available registrars by going to Chain State tab in the Polkadot-JS UI (Make sure you choose the right network) and selecting identity.registrars() to get the full list.

To find out how to contact the registrar after the application for judgement or to learn who they are, you can check their identity by adding them to your Address Book. Their identity will be automatically loaded.

Option 2: Request varification judgement in person

If you have direct contact with any Fellowship member, just ask for a judgement.

Providing Judgement

Once any identifier received judgement request, they will providing corresponding judgements by following types below:

Normally, there are two types of judgements to be provided:

  1. Known good

Who met in person with identifier.

  1. Resonable

Who passed verification process with any identifier.

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